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Show your team's colours with Protect Mouthguards. Subsidies are available for Auckland clubs who qualify.

What's our story...?

Having lost two of his front teeth the day before his 21st birthday in a basketball game, Chris learnt the lesson the hard way how crucial it is to wear a mouthguard when playing sport. We were given a mouthguard from overseas in Suburb's colours and loved the idea of showing our teams colours while protecting teeth and reducing the risk of concussion.

The last thing any player wants is a chipped, broken or lost tooth while playing sport which is why mouthguards are so important.

Do your team a favour and protect their oral health while making sure all your team players have a mouthguard for every game.

We were constantly asked where other players could get a mouthguard in club colours...

So we decided to make quality, affordable mouthguards available to clubs and schools in New Zealand.

Originally we looked at getting mouthguards made overseas but we couldn't be absolutely sure what chemicals they might contain. We wanted to be confident that our team-coloured mouthguards were safe in ALL regards, so we decided that we would get them made in New Zealand.

During 2023 we designed our own mouthguard which is egonomically designed, has smooth rounded edges, is easy to mold, BPA Free, comfortable to wear and is Made in NZ

We know your team is going to love to show your team colours!

Protect Mouthguards are Made In NZ
and are BPA free

$4 + GST to Clubs and Schools

We are proud to partner with the Auckland Dental Association. They are kindly subsidising clubs and teams where financial help is needed. Contact us for more information.

Did you know?

Wearing a properly fitting mouthguard helps to disperse kinetic energy and provide stability to your jaw. Not only does this protect your teeth and gums but reduces the risk of concussion too!

Which sports require mouthguards in NZ?

As well as plain common sense it is a legal requirement to wear your mouthguard when playing these sports: Hockey, Martial Arts, Rugby, Lacrosse, Rugby League and Basketball. Click on the sports below to choose your colour combination and SHOW YOUR TEAM'S COLOURS!


A big part of playing team sports is being able to get the training and equipment you need to keep at your best. We make it easy, fun and lucrative to fundraise by offering you these mouthguards at close to cost so that you can sell them with memberships, at your next event or through social media to benefit your local club or team.

Contact the team at Protect Mouthguards to discuss how you can fundraise by selling our mouthguards to your team members.

Why not make a team mouthguard part of your registration?